Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance

How to Fix the WordPress Error Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance

How to solve maintenance errors in wordpress

To be able to solve this error, what you need to do first is to make sure the update process has been completed. Then you can do the following:

Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance
Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance

STEP 1: Login to your cPanel, then enter the file manager. If you still don’t know how to log into cPanel via the member area,

STEP 2:  Make sure that show hidden files is set.

STEP 3:  Delete the .maintenance files in public_html or the folder where the website is placed.

STEP 4:  Try to access again

STEP 5:  If you experience problems with access, try updating again via wp-admin

STEP 6:  If wp-admin cannot be accessed, then you need to update the wordpress or plugins / themes manually by uploading again using the file manager.

Update wordpress manually

This case is for the constraints in point 6, if previously updated was WordPress, then what needs to be done:

STEP 1:  If you have a backup, the easiest way is to restore the existing backup

STEP 2:  If the backup is not there, then you need to re-upload the WordPress file in the following way

STEP 3:  You must have a backup of all the folders in wp-content, in that directory there are all posts, plugins and themes. You should also have a backup of your WordPress database.

STEP 4:  Login to your cPanel hero, then select File Manager.

STEP 5:  Delete the wp-content directory, then all malware / scripts in the theme or plugin will also be removed

STEP 6:  Upload the backup file from the wp-content directory

If you don’t have the backup, you can download it from the following WordPress GitHub

STEP 7:  If it has been uploaded then extract the wp-content.tar.gz file, the wp-content directory will appear again.

STEP 8:  Now you have to delete the database that you are using as a WordPress database, make sure you have a backup file of your WordPress database. Now you go back to the main cPanel menu then select the phpMyAdmin menu.

STEP 9:  Select the wordpress database that you are good at using, then you are good at Check All (Select All), then Drop All Table

STEP 10:  There will be a confirmation message, then you select Yes, now all of your hot friends’ tables have been dropped

STEP 11:  Now import the backup file, buddy, choose the file buddy (with the extension .sql)

STEP 12:  If it has been uploaded now, buddy, select Go, to upload the file.

Those are the steps to perform a restore on WordPress buddy, if your website is back to its original, you must add a level of security by changing a stronger password. You can also add security keys to the wp-config.php file to secure your website.


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